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PoolCovers Close easily in less than a minute, safe energy and chemicals. Fit perfectly to most pool size and shapes.
Automatic Pool Covers
Poolstar Automatic swimming pool covers are the best value for a durable investment. Unique and reliable Poolstar automatic safety covers are outstanding. Thousands of satisfied customers enjoy optimum safety and saving of energy up to 70%. The automatic pool cover is recommended by numerous pool builders for its adaptability. The automatic cover system closes easily in less than a minute, depending on the pool size. Just turn a key or press a button, there are no electrical installations near the pool, since they can be installed as far as 50m away. Our automatic safety covers fit perfectly to most pool sizes and shapes and can be installed under ground or above ground and locks for safety. Automatic pool covers provide a wide range of benefits, such as energy saving, safety, economical maintenance, protection from leaves and easy to remove. Poolstar safety covers are the best covers you can buy and optimize your investment by ensuring safety for your family and safety for your pool. Automatic pool covers are easy to use, cover fully the pool, don’t allow water to pass through, thus reducing evaporation and keeping its temperature stable. Save up to 70% energy and enjoy your swimming pool.

Poolstar automatic safety covers for a lifelong safety, in a lifelong pool.